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Shake Shack Taikoo Li, Chengdu

Taikoo Li, Chengdu

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Project Details

Client : Shake Shack
Location : Taikoo Li, Chengdu
Completion Date : July 2022
Scale : 670sqm.

‘’Details play a key part in making the vision of this Shake Shack come to life’’

Traditional meets contemporary 

Modern and traditional elements are at play throughout this Shack. Taking inspiration from the local teahouse culture in Chengdu, this Shack was designed to recreate the atmosphere of these traditional gathering spaces. We opted for a warm colour palette to embody a cosy space where customers are enticed to stay and relax. The tranquillity of the space is also reinforced through the choice of green and off-white tones for the walls, a combination with calming connotations.  

Bespoke detailing adds a further layer in helping to make the vision of this Shake Shack come to life. Beautiful hand-painted decorative tile wall arches contrast against modern accents of rattan chandeliers and booth dividers in geometric shapes, to create a playful balance which adds interest to the space. 

The illuminated arches in decorative tile, map out each booth, inviting diners to come together and enjoy their meal. The seating mix is what you expect from a Shack;  a simplistic colour palette teamed with minimalist design was chosen, providing the perfect unfussy setting for customers to congregate, free from distraction. 

Outside the scene is set for the communal sanctuary which lies within. Foliage framing the restaurant’s entrance complement the signature green burger featuring in the logo, and is harmonious with the green hues which feature inside. Glancing upwards at the outdoor terrace area, diners can enjoy a comfortable respite spot, illuminated with warm white festoon lighting nodding to the original Shack location in Madison Square Park.