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Shake Shack Taikoo Li

Taikoo Li, Chengdu

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Project Details

Client : Shake Shack
Location : Taikoo Li, Chengdu, China
Completion Date : July 2022
Scale : 670sqm.

A sense of harmony brings balance to a lively communal gathering spot.

Teahouse tranquillity

Nature and relaxation are the protagonists in our design story for Shake Shack in Taikoo Li Chengdu. The city’s traditional teahouse culture provides inspiration for minimalist design that invites guests on a sensory journey that unwinds into a communal sanctuary.

Harmony connects outside and in. A verdant entrance, illuminated by Shake Shack branding and framed by a peaceful outdoor terrace, warmly welcomes those stepping inside, who become draped in festoon lighting. Decorative arches filled with hand-painted flower garlands guide guests to booth-style seating while green and white geometric shapes cascade from floor to ceiling, creating a playful balance between serenity and movement. Rattan chandeliers, congregating above like ornamental orbs, blush at those glancing upwards.

Black and gold furniture compliments and enhances a warm color palette that feels plush, luxuriant and the perfect backdrop for conjuring moments of social relaxation. With traditional Chengdu teahouse culture working hand-in-hand with contemporary design elements, the original Shack location in Madison Square Park is echoed and felt, attracting a new set of brand followers in the most undistracting of ways. The perfect setting to sink into the flavors of what has become a worldwide phenomenon.