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Genki Sushi, Popark

Guangzho, China

Hospitality | Design | Design Implementation

Project Details

Client : Genki Sushi
Location: Guangzho, China
Completion Date : May 2022
Scale: 240 sqm

Introducing Genki Sushi, Popark, China.

Zebra re-conceptualised the brand a few years ago and each outlet takes on its own expression within the parameters of the design framework developed by Zebra.

Sushi is served in a fun, colourful and vibrant environment with subtle nods back to traditional sushi techniques. Key identification of any Genki Sushi is the dramatic perforated ceiling detail, which anchors both the sushi belt and surrounding seating groups.

This scheme melds two colours of significance together- salmon and ocean blue. The result is fresh, dramatic, poppy, playful. A vibe that suits all the family.