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Genki Sushi, Popark

Guangzho, China

Hospitality | Design | Design Implementation | Architecture

Project Details

Client : Genki Sushi
Location: Guangzho, China
Completion Date : May 2022
Scale: 240 sqm

Bright pinks and blues welcome guests into a sea of connected sensory experiences.

Fresh flavors

Inspired by the positive energy embodied by Genki Sushi’s host of mischievous characters, our design for the brand’s Popark location in Guangzhou, China, is a story of self-expression and localization. With the brand reconceptualized a short time ago, fun, color and vibrancy playfully take the lead.

The ornate landscapes and rivers across Guangzhou inform and meld two colors of significance together; salmon and ocean blue work in harmony throughout the space, bringing the flavors of the menu and the spirit of the brand’s expert sushi chefs to life. Japanese craftmanship and traditional sushi techniques inspire intricate detailing for guests to discover throughout; textured booth seating, freckled flooring in ocean colors and perfectly symmetrical shapes line the walls.

Soft lighting sinks from the ceiling, enveloping guests settled in at the monochromatic sushi conveyor system with a bright yet warm glow. Inspired by Japan’s shinkansen bullet train, the conveyor anchors the guest experience and is mirrored by a fishtail-like ribbon that sweeps across the ceiling, providing the perfect flourish to all the tastes, smells and feelings mingling below.