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Dead Poet’s

Aberdeen Street, Hong Kong

Hospitality | Design

Project Details

Client : Dead Poets
Location : Hong Kong
Scale : 65m2
Completion Date : Dec 2023

Dead Poets brings an avant-garde experience to the vibrant Hong Kong scene.

Small yet edgy

Dead Poets is a small yet edgy barber shop come coffee shop come cocktail bar, that has taken Hong Kong’s nightlife scene by storm. Far from ordinary, Dead Poets brings an avant-garde experience to the vibrant Hong Kong scene, challenging guests to transcend the conventional and embrace the poetic in every sip.

The stage is set for an immersive experience. Inspired by the clinical allure of a morgue, the small space features metallic surfaces throughout, creating a unique ambiance that is modern and minimal with a surgical table-inspired bar and lighting sitting as the focal point of the design. While the vibrant neon sign bearing the name “Dead Poets” injects a lively burst of color into the monochromatic color scheme.

By day, Dead Poets transforms into a community hub, functioning as a barbershop and a café serving coffee and as the sun sets, the space seamlessly transitions into a cocktail bar, providing the perfect backdrop for memorable evenings inspired by the brilliance and demise of iconic figures like Hendrix, Morrison, and Winehouse.

Dead Poets isn’t just a bar; it’s a collective space that pays homage to contemporary artists, offering a unique blend of art, mixology, and community engagement. Whether you’re getting a fresh cut in the daylight hours or sipping on a thought-provoking cocktail under the dim lights, Dead Poets invites you to experience the tragic allure of great artists while creating your own stories in this transformative space. It’s not just a bar; it’s a journey into the realms of creativity, emotion, and connection.