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Genki Sushi

CoCo Park, Shenzhen, China

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Project Details

Client: Genki Sushi
Location: CoCo Park, Shenzhen, China
Completion: May 2021
Scale: 212 m2

Designed and built in 60 days, this is the first brand re-design, and the first time working with international designers, for Genki Sushi in China.

Raw energy

Nǐ hǎo from CoCo Park, Shenzhen, China, where our design brief for Genki Sushi was simple: take the traditional Japanese aesthetic and fuse it with a distinctly Western twist.

Our design focuses on China’s new generation of sushi lovers while acknowledging the brand’s history and existing customer base, using fun and interactive elements to create moments fit for a social feed. Vibrancy is everything; using the concept of Energy of Life, the restaurant’s show kitchen is an architectural statement, with detailed countertops that encourage conversation and interaction with the chefs and menu. The large, monochromatic conveyor system connects guests to the modern Japanese dining experience and anchors the space. Pause for a moment, look up and see it reflected in the ceiling by an illuminated ribbon.

The material palette is fun and fresh; colorful pinks and blues take inspiration from fish and the ocean and speak to the brand’s youthful customer. Interactive wall elements add character and charm to the modest backdrop while the ethos of Japanese craftsmanship is displayed in every design element, celebrating the perfectionism and expertise of the sushi chef and ensuring brand communication at all times.