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PizzaExpress, Dean Street

London, United Kingdom

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Project Details

Client : PizzaExpress
Location : London
Completion Date : July 2022
Scale : 315sqm.

"Inspired by the vibrant nightlife of Soho, London this PizzaExpress is colourful, rich and eclectic. As you go transition through the scheme the atmosphere evolves and transforms, taking you on a journey into different facets of an exciting dining experience."

Pizza & Jazz: A winning combination

First opening its doors in 1976, the flagship venue connects two of the most popular areas of London’s West End. Zebra were honoured to re-design this venue, taking inspiration from the art-deco era of the 1920s.


Starting with the exterior, where an eye-catching black and gold colour-scheme sets a perfect scene for the sultry food and jazz hub. Bifold doors on the restaurant floor open up the space, enticing passers-by to discover what lies within, as well as serving the purpose of a perfect people-watching spot for diners inside.


Each floor has it’s own concept; the pizzeria and the jazz club. To keep the venue cohesive and entice restaurant-goers downstairs, we ensured that common themes were adopted throughout the space, such as the use of warm, industrial lighting, jazz iconography and dark, inky walls.


At street level, the guest is met with the iconic marble-topped open kitchen area which is synonymous with the popular restaurant group. The structural pillars in the restaurant take inspiration from nature, with a hibiscus and palm leaf design that informs the earthy colour palette for the rest of the space, reinforced by plant life which adds texture throughout. The result is a lively, bright environment where diners feel at ease. The choice of darker hues on the restaurant walls ensures a harmonious theme with the enticing basement jazz club below it.


Upon reaching the basement of the Dean Street PizzaExpress, patrons are transported straight into the Jazz Age. The built-in quilted booths and small circular tables set the scene for an intimate sanctuary where patrons can come together and feel immersed in the sounds of jazz, blues, and soul. The glossy black grand piano takes centre stage, complimenting the striking hues of red, monochrome and timber accents combined with low, mood lighting, creating an environment which lets the music performance takes centre stage.

Framed photos of musical icons sit proudly on walls, capturing a moment in time and the heritage belonging to this venue. throughout the space.


A frequent hang-out for Zebra over the years, makes this an extra special project