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Shake Shack, Dongtan, Korea

Dongtan, Korea

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Project Details

Client : Shake Shack
Location : Dongtan, Korea
Completion Date : Aug 2021
Scale : 310sqm.

A bold biospheric wall, stretching from floor to ceiling, captures the imagination of guests.

Urban oasis

Step into our design for Shake Shack, Dongtan, located an hour south of central Seoul, which takes inspiration from Dongtan’s smart city status to create a lively urban oasis perfect for the brand’s globally enjoyed menu of casual eats.

Design and technology sit at the heart of our concept, informing the connection between space, location, brand and consumer. The entrance, open and inviting, welcomes guests while bespoke artwork printed onto illuminated acrylic begins a sensory experience as color and light bounce from the walls, transforming the space into a futuristic hive of activity.

A bold, transparent biospheric wall feature stretching from floor to ceiling provides an architectural statement that echoes the city’s structural design, serving to capture the attention and the imagination of guests. Neutral colors and materials tie textures, fixtures and furnishings together, with light blues and greys evoking a tech-orientated, ultramodern feel. Geometric shapes, inspired by the building’s external architectural, are carefully softened by greenery and plant-life, creating a sense of cool composure that’s fit for the Dongtan neighborhood.