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Maria Tash

Dubai, UAE

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Project Details

Client: Maria Tash
Location: Mall of Emirates, Dubai, UAE
Completion: 2021
Scale: 2,400 sqft

The first and only jewelry store in Dubai to offer ear curation, from piercing to leaving wearing the new Maria Tash purchase, all in the same visit.

Expert curation

Personalization and a focus on the individual sits at the heart of our design for emerging NYC icon, Maria Tash, in Dubai’s Mall of Emirates. The brand’s unique offer and one-on-one service is equally reflected in the layout, with ample space and a minimalist approach encouraging guests to explore and discover the Middle East’s first luxury piercing destination.

The principle that ear curation is an art form inspires the space’s contemporary, museum-like interior, featuring four custom treatment rooms and a VIP lounge. Cool grey furnishings, warmed by soft reflections, allow the jewelry collection to become a true focal point, while long, gold framed mirrors emanate statement luxury from the walls, creating a truly lavish experience. A resplendent space that is the perfect setting to welcome guests into the revolutionary world of Maria Tash.

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