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Arizona, USA

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Project Details

Client: Birdcall
Location: 7th & Thomas, Phoenix, Arizona, US
Completion: June/July 2022
Scale: 2,800 sqft

Our design pays homage to this old gas station’s previous tenant. Because things are different in The Wild West.

Coming soon: friendly flavors

Drive with us through Phoenix, Arizona. Prickly Saguaro cacti pop from the rugged land, framed by a sky glowing with brilliant colors at sunset. To the right, nestled in the heart of downtown Phoenix, what was once a charming gas station is now transforming into a pit stop for new flavors – Birdcall.

Zebra’s design perfectly connects old and new, gracefully preserving the spirit of the gas station’s previous tenant while creatively carving out a distinctive future for Birdcall in Phoenix.

Inspired by the Valley of Sun’s unique mid-century architectural heritage that’s rooted in Bauhaus and Art Deco, our restaurant design includes full scale murals that tell stories of the past and hopes for the future.