Delivering emotive brand and consumer experiences.

Powerful, well-formulated design adds important meaning to peoples’ lives. When a space really connects with those within it, it transforms into a moving, memorable and desirable experience – quite personal in its persuasion.

At Zebra, sensory experiences are central to our design approach. Where consumer and guest journeys are emotively mapped and lead the way, setting a clear path for experiences that drive sales growth and brand value.


Is transforming spaces into extraordinary experiences with commercial impact. Using our 25 years’ retail and hospitality design consultancy experience, we have the knowledge, skills and flexibility to connect vision to reality.

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Design Implementation

Is our flexibility at its best. We offer a range of customized design implementation services to fulfil your unique brand requirements along the entire spectrum of the design process.

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Is seamless and scalable results for architectural design across the United States and Canada. We work as the Architect of Record for national programs or one-off projects.

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Strategy & Brand Development

Is putting the consumer first. We develop and rejuvenate purposeful and memorable brands that meet our clients’ commercial, creative and strategic objectives – and truly resonate with their customers.

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Brand Design

Is distinguishing and promoting your brand in the mind of the consumer. We support our clients with brand development; from the delivery of creative assets to full brand identity evolution.

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Digital Creations

Is experiencing your new brand environment with our enhanced digital creation tools. Our immersive 3D experiences help project owners get a feel for a space before physical construction begins.

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