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Fountain Views, Dubai

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Project Details

Client : RMAL Hospitality
Project Location : Downtown Dubai
Scale : 1,071m2
Completion Date : March 2024

Oche caters to a world where consumers seek interactive and memorable experiences.

Interactive and memorable experiences

Oche, Fountain Views—a vibrant addition to Downtown Dubai’s competitive socializing scene, brought to you by RMAL Hospitality. Designed by Zebra, this licensed project goes beyond darts, emphasizing the fusion of gastronomy and socializing. With 13 high-tech game booths, a restaurant, a bar, and VIP areas, Oche caters to a world where consumers seek interactive and memorable experiences.

Originating from Oslo, Norway, Oche has established locations in Iceland, Australia, the UK, Sweden, Singapore, and the Netherlands. Thoughtfully designed for both intimate gatherings and group events, Oche offers well-defined gaming zones and communal spaces—all with a view overlooking the bar; an elevated indoor garden experience!

The interior design strikes a balance between modern aesthetics and comfort, featuring raw elements, contemporary furnishings, and vibrant accents. Lighting plays a crucial role in creating an inviting atmosphere for both dining and gaming. Earthy tones and materials, from terracotta wall tiles to joinery finishes on the dart booths, create a neutral palette with a hint of color, adding energy and playfulness to the space.

Whether you’re at high-top tables, cozy booths, or communal areas, Oche encourages social interaction. And don’t miss the modern, gold-trimmed bar—it’s not just about the game; it’s about creating memorable moments in a unique and vibrant setting.