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Volunteers United to Tackle Litter Pollution in Fujairah

5th June 2023 — By Zebra

The group of volunteers planted 105 trees and collected 630kg of litter

Volunteers united to tackle litter pollution in Fujairah

In May, members of our Dubai team travelled to Fujairah for a day of volunteering to help restore the natural landscape. Organized by the Takatof Social Volunteering Program in collaboration with Emirates Nature WWF, the mission was to revitalize the ancient Falaj system in Al Bithnah Village—a network of traditional wells and canals that distribute water to benefit farms, settlements, plants, and wildlife.

Volunteers united to tackle litter pollution, actively preserving the historical water system and promoting environmental sustainability. After the successful clean-up, the team visited a plant nursery to replant indigenous Moringa trees, known for their self-sufficiency and sustainability. These trees thrive with minimal maintenance once established, fostering a sustainable ecosystem.

The group of volunteers planted 105 trees and collected 630kg of litter, demonstrating their commitment to the environment and sustainability in the community. These efforts exemplify the power of collective action, showcasing how individuals and organizations can create a better, more sustainable future.

In 2023, Zebra is focusing on sustainability and continuously seeking opportunities to make a positive impact through initiatives that promote conservation and community engagement.