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Staying Ahead of the Curve

2nd May 2023 — By Zebra

Corona Training with Nikos Nikolopoulos of Creative Lighting

Staying Ahead of the Curve

As part of a continual review of our creative processes at Zebra, we recently welcomed the esteemed founder of , Nikos Nikolopoulos to provide a week-long training workshop with our in-house 3D visualization team.

As we migrate to Corona the now superior 3D rendering software Nikos’s craft and expertise has allowed our team to advance their knowledge and skills in best utilising all the features that this software offers to deliver superior results for our clients.

Nikos has established himself as a remarkable creative director and educator and is celebrated for his distinctive cinematic lighting techniques. He shares his knowledge worldwide in masterclasses, workshops, and live events.

Nikos has held talks at prestigious shows such as The Architects Show,  Methaphorathens and Chaosgroup and appeared in publications including Arch Daily, Dezeen, Archisearch and 3D World Mag.  

Our dedicated in-house 3D visualization team works alongside our creative teams to bring our designs to life. The migration to Corona has resulted in increased efficiencies within our workflow, and in turn, allows us to better support our client’s busy development schedules.

Our team had the privilege to further deepen their knowledge of Corona through a week-long training session delivered by celebrated Nikos Nikolopoulos of Creative Lighting. 

After a week of intense training with our entire 3D visualization team, our Visualization Manager, Emman, and Nikos continue an ongoing dialogue to deepen the knowledge and ability within our team to use Corona to its full capacity.

“Creative Lighting is honored to have illuminated the minds of the visionary Zebra team, together we’re brightening the future of design across the globe.” – Nikos Nikolopoulos, Founder at Creative Lighting.

Corona outperforms 3Dstudio Max to achieve the best outcome with a faster processing speed.