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Time Out Market Dubai is 1 Year Old!

24th May 2022 — By Zebra

The regions first of its kind and a happy story of success.

Time Out Market Dubai is 1 Year Old!

Last month marked 1 year since the opening of Time Out Market, Dubai. A project proudly designed by Zebra. The regions first of its kind and a happy story of success, that showcases local home-grown brands with an operator that delivers upon the definition of an effortless vibe.


Located in Dubai’s Souk Al Bahar, Zebra worked with Time Out Market and Emaar


17 food counters, 3 bars and 609 covers were carefully planned to deliver multiple dining experiences, capturing Time Out Market’s operational guidelines and enveloped in an architectural skin that speaks to the location.


“In Dubai we felt that we needed a more informed design direction and asked Zebra to provide us with some options to choose from for the localisation aspect. Zebra presented three potential colour schemes / material boards, all unique, yet all relevant to Dubai, from which we made our selection. This then translated into the final design scheme and into the beautiful market we welcome our customers to today”. Bruno Veninga, Time Out Market.


The true beauty of Time Out Market Dubai lies not only in the simplicity of the design but rather in what the market represents as a designed experience. The coming together of diverse cultures and beliefs in a space that encourages a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where we can share a meal, meet new people and embrace the essence of Dubai.


“Time Out Markets around the world are often found in older buildings where there is an element of donor architecture that can be used as a backdrop. In our case we had an existing shell and core and our challenge was to create character that appears authentic and lived in but not manufactured. When comparing Time Out Market Dubai to others amongst the estate we believe that we have been able to achieve this authenticity and sense of place.

We selected a palette of materials that would invoke a memory of the UAE with all who had experienced her beauty. The monolithic counter tops are representative of the warm sands of our beaches while the rich terracotta mashrabiya handmade tiles are pulled from the flowing dunes of the Hatta region”. Glen Dyer, Creative Director @Zebra UAE


“These both are beautifully contrasted with the blackened steel and polished concrete floors that make up much of our palette. Our long sharing tables and stools are carved from the beautiful forests of Portugal and bring rich red and orange tones to the market and pay homage to the natural home of the Time Out Market”. Shady Wanis, Associate Director @Zebra UAE


Honestly, we recommend all the concepts that live in Time Out Market, Dubai. It’s a must-do for foodies, and perfect for any dining occasion. A proud Zebra collaboration.