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IIDA New York Sustainable Quilt Auction

16th February 2023 — By Zebra

The soul behind the quilt

IIDA New York Sustainable Quilt Auction

Last week’s IIDA New York Sustainable Quilt Auction event was a celebration of upcycling, where New York based art & design teams collaborated to design and sew a sustainable quilt using discarded material samples, giving them a new lease of life. Our New York team set to work with gusto and collaborated to produce our entry, turning old fabric swatches into something beautiful.

The quilt uses the “stacked coins” pattern to maximize the use of limited recycled material samples, while each “coin” of color represents the knowledge and creativity gained during the artist’s exploration in the art world.

The soul behind the quilt is about the empowerment of all unique artists and the endless ways they can express their creativity through the lens of color. The artist, represented as the zebra, is the focal point of the quilt.

Our finished zebra quilt for the IIDA NY event; a cohesive composition of a rainbow gradation sequence, juxtaposed against the a bold zebra, representing the impact of artists paving their way in the art world.

The sold-out event raised a total of $10,000 and all proceeds were donated to Free Arts NYC, a non-profit that provides art and mentoring programs to empower young people from underserved communities to succeed.

The winning bid on this wonderful zebra creation was $700 by Amie Tesler, Zebra Director of Business Development. Thank you Amie!

A special thanks to Cristina Driver, Eugene Miroshinchenko, Amanda Lombardi, Alexander Williams, Karina Rodriguez, Mimoza Trpevski, David Canales, Amie Tesler, George Liu and Kenia Alcantara for creating this striking piece.