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Every Day is International Women’s Day at zebra

8th March 2024 — By Zebra

We are proud to promote a culture where all aspects of inclusion are ingrained in our business. For women and for men. For all.

International Women's Day 2024

Every Day is International Women’s Day at zebra. We are proud to promote a culture where all aspects of inclusion are ingrained in our business. For women and for men. For all.

Over the last week we have gathered as teams to discuss and learn from one another’s perspectives and past experiences, to enlighten ourselves individually and collectively, to continue to build a culture where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and valued.

See below some insights we got from our team globally. Thank you to our teams for sharing.


When deciding to re-enter the workforce after 10 years focusing on raising my children, I was already doubting my ‘work outside of the home’ abilities and those doubts were validated when one recruiter encouraged me to take a lesser job because I had been out of the workforce for so long. Lacking confidence, I took the lesser job. It didn’t take long to realize that I had more to offer and higher to aim but some employers are reluctant to hire certain populations because of their own unconscious bias. There are so many ways in which I could feel excluded/different, yet here at Zebra, there is none of that. I felt included and welcomed from day one. No matter what stage people are in life; Starting out in the workforce, single, married, having their first child or re-entering the workforce, all are welcomed and celebrated for their uniqueness. Here I was reminded of how much I have to offer, no matter what. – Nadia, Accountant – USA


Real inclusivity is a mindset that we are one as humanity. Ensuring everyone has equal opportunities to contribute no matter the diversity. – Jovine, Designer, UAE


I felt full inclusion from day 1 of joining zebra. Some industries are circa 10 years behind on this simple act. You can be so isolated, and this can be deflating. It is wonderful to see and feel that zebra is the total opposite, refreshingly inclusive. – Zakai, Head of Business Development- UK


As a British-born Pakistani, achieving a sense of belonging and acceptance without the fear of judgement from both worlds was challenging in childhood. It taught me the importance of inclusivity very organically which is why whenever I consider joining a company, I pay particular attention to their culture. Being in the UAE for a few years now, the diversity and mindsets are so vast that it makes it that little bit trickier to find the ideal workplace for you. I didn’t experience that difficulty here at zebra. Everyone’s individuality is accepted and respected. – Mo, Senior Accountant, UAE


When speaking to friends in other industries there is an aura that grads are only spoken to when needed and its very hierarchical. This is not the case in zebra and senior leadership ensures this is an open and flat hierarchical business. Our working environment is open and transparent. You feel more involved and invigorated as you are aware of discussions and a part of so much more than in other companies. – Emily, Designer- UK