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Taking Action for Cleaner Beaches: Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

4th March 2024 — By Zebra

Zebra was thrilled to take part in Dubai Municipality's 'An Hour with the Cleaner' initiative.

Taking Action for Cleaner Beaches

Zebra was thrilled to take part in Dubai Municipality’s ‘An Hour with the Cleaner’ initiative, honoring those who maintain our city’s landscape. This initiative offers companies a chance to contribute to sustainability efforts across the UAE.

On March 2nd, 77 people from our Dubai team met at Kite Beach and Al Mamzar beaches, focusing on removing cigarette butts and other debris harmful to wildlife on the beaches.

Collecting cigarette butts is crucial as their plastic filters absorb tobacco toxins. Left in the environment, they degrade into microplastics, releasing harmful chemicals into waterways and beaches, and endangering plants and wildlife through contamination and ingestion-related maladies.

Our participation underscores our dedication to positive environmental impact.