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Spotlight on artistic creation: P.F. Chang’s graffiti murals

25th August 2021 — By Zebra

Creatively delivering brand recognition through artistic innovation

During our partnership with P.F. Chang’s, we’ve transformed the brand’s original, traditional-style murals into bold, character driven murals using graffiti, adding a contemporary twist to the restaurant’s interiors and the brand itself.


London concept

This artistic transformation began when the chain launched its Asian Table in London, presenting the opportunity to adapt and take forward the concept of P.F. Chang’s to suit its new Soho location. Partnering with a UK-based graffiti artist, the first of its kind P.F. Chang’s graffiti mural was created. Completely bespoke to both location and local community, but still connected to the brand’s Asian heritage, the graffiti mural evolved the brand while providing real impact on the guest experience.


Worldwide installation

Inspired by the success of the Asian Table transformation, the idea to create large-scale graffiti murals in other P.F. Chang’s locations that were unique to each site was born. Through these murals Zebra creatively deliver brand recognition through artistic innovation.


Creating the graffiti murals

P.F. Chang’s Asian Table London, UK

The first of its kind, the graffiti mural in Soho has become a symbol of our commitment to our clients and our artistic partnerships. We collaborated with a graffiti partner in the UK who later delivered the murals worldwide.

In London, we were able to create the mural on-site. Globally, that hasn’t always been possible. From sourcing other local graffiti artists to help create the murals, to stencilling and shipping the murals on different materials, our graffiti partner found a way to make vision a reality.

PF Chang’s Avenues, Kuwait.

Every mural connects with the restaurant’s local area while remaining true to the brand’s Asian heritage.

P.F. Chang’s Dubai La Mer, UAE

Here, our mural takes inspiration from the nearby La Mer beach in Dubai. It depicts an ancient goddess who fell to Earth and transformed into a human, surrounded by a stencilled octopus bursting from the sea foam.

P.F. Chang’s Muscat, Oman

Not all locations had an existing, exposed, characterful brick wall to paint onto like in London. The application of the murals elsewhere in the world required some ingenuity that worked hand in hand with the design of the space itself.

P.F. Chang’s Sao Paulo, Brazil

From the Brazil to the Middle East, our murals creatively establish a true sense of brand identity for P.F. Chang’s that reflects the chain’s commitment to flavor, color and its vibrant Asian heritage.